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Scaffolding Intuitive Cognition

Forthcoming, Oxford Handbook of 4E Cognition (8000 words)
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Connectionism:  Roots, Revolution, and Radiation

(With James Garson)
Forthcoming, Routledge Handbook of the Computational Mind  (6000 words)
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Rational Inference:  The Lowest Bounds

2017, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research  (14000 words)
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Mating Dances and the Evolution of Language: What's the Next Step?

(With Keyao Yang)
2017, Biology & Philosophy 32(6), 1289–1316  (13000 words)
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Understanding Cognitive and Associative Explanations in Comparative Psychology

2017, The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Animal Minds (5000 words)
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Ravens Attribute Visual Access to Unseen Competitors

(With Thomas Bugnyar & Stephan Reber)
2016, Nature Communications   (7), doi:10.1038/ncomms10506 (6000 words)
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Transitional Gradation in the Mind:  Rethinking Psychological Kindhood

2016, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 67(4), 1091-1115   (10,300 words)
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Functional Kinds-A Skeptical Look

2015, Synthese  192(12) 3915-3942  (13,572 words)
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A Property Cluster Theory of Cognition

2015, Philosophical Psychology  28(3) 307-336  (13,000 WORDS)
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The Semantic Problem(s) with Research on Animal Mindreading

2014, Mind & Language  29(5) 566-589   (10,000 WORDS)
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A Portrait of the Artist as an Aesthetic Expert

(With Christy Mag Uidhir)
2014, in Aesthetics & The Sciences of Mind (OUP)  (9000 words)
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Morgan's Canon, Meet Hume's Dictum:
Avoiding Anthropofabulation in Cross-Species Comparisons

2013, Biology & Philosophy   28(5) 853-871   (10,000 WORDS)
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In Search of Balance

2013, Biology & Philosophy   28(1) 145-152   (4,000 WORDS)
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Ordering Our Attributions of Order

2012, Essays in Philosophy   13(2)   (4,000 WORDS)
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Review of The Ego Tunnel by Thomas Metzinger

2012, Philosophical Psychology   25(3) 457-461   (2,000 WORDS)
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Two Approaches to the Distinction Between Cognition and 'Mere Association'

2011, International Journal for Comparative Psychology   24(1) 1-35   (11,000 WORDS)
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From Encyclopedia to Ontology:
Toward Dynamic Representation of the Discipline of Philosophy

(with Colin Allen and Mathias Niepert)
2011, Synthese   182(2) 205-233   (11,000 WORDS)
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Are Philosophers Expert Intuiters?

(with Joshua Alexander, Chad Gonnerman, and Jonathan Weinberg)
2010, Philosophical Psychology   23(3) 331-355   (11,000 WORDS)
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How "Weak" Mindreaders Inherited the Earth

(with Adam Shriver, Stephen Crowley, and Colin Allen)
2009, Behavioral and Brain Sciences   32(2) 140-141   (1,000 WORDS)
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