IACAP 2013: Computing in Philosophy Track


This track is devoted to the ways that computers can extend our ability to acquire, represent, understand, and distribute philosophical knowledge.  These include the application of new methods of proof, representation, and visualization to traditional philosophical questions, the use of new formal, online, and distributed forms of research and publication, and the possibilities digital representations of the discipline afford as a guide to metaphilosophy. We welcome papers on the way that these new approaches are transforming philosophy in the following areas:

  • Computational metaphysics
  • Computational epistemology
  • Digital archives and reference works
  • Cognition and visualization
  • Computing and art
  • Computing in the philosophy of information
  • Digital pedagogy and computer-enhanced instruction
  • Formal argument analysis and theories of reasons
  • Social computing and distributed philosophy
  • Computational metaphilosophy

The track will feature two special symposia, on computational methods in pedagogy and statistical analysis of philosophical texts. See the CFP page more details.